Autorack Vietnam

Autorack VietNam pioneers in warehouse automation using advanced technology. We revolutionize warehouse management, optimize efficiency, and ensure transparency in all transactions. Our team of experts is committed to driving innovation and embracing the future of digitized warehousing.

Introduction to Vietnam Autorack


At Vietnam Autorack, we commit to delivering the most modern and advanced warehouse automation solutions, helping Vietnamese businesses elevate their management and operational efficiency. Every product and service we offer reflects our spirit of creativity, innovation, and dedication, prioritizing our customer’s interests.


We aim to become the leading provider of warehouse automation solutions and industrial robots in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Through relentless research and development, Vietnam Autorack aspires to make its mark on the global industrial map, contributing to bringing the Vietnamese industry closer to the heart of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Core Values:

  • Innovation and Creativity: We believe that innovation and creativity are keys to overcoming challenges and creating new value for customers and partners.
  • Dedication and Professionalism: Every project, big or small, receives our utmost care and attention.
  • Partnership and Future: We see our customers and partners not just as clients but as strategic allies on our mutual journey. Vietnam Autorack is always ready to listen, learn, and grow with its partners.
  • Social Responsibility: Besides business, we recognize our duty to the community and society. Vietnam Autorack actively participates and supports social activities, contributing to building a brighter future.

Autorack Vietnam R&D

Autorack Vietnam takes pride in its top-tier Research and Development (R&D) team. Each expert in our team not only possesses profound knowledge but also harbors a passion for innovation, constantly pursuing cutting-edge solutions for digitized warehousing. Through relentless creativity, our R&D team promises to bring about breakthroughs and optimization in the industry.

The R&D Team of Autorack Vietnam: Outstanding Research & Dedication

In today’s world, as we witness incessant changes in technology and automation, Autorack Vietnam takes pride in its Research and Development (R&D) team – a cornerstone that ensures our robust position in the market.

1. Outstanding Research

Each member of our R&D team is an expert in their respective fields. They not only have a broad knowledge but also possess sharp analytical thinking. Combined with the application of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our systems, Autorack Vietnam continuously innovates, embraces, and applies the most advanced technologies to our products and solutions.

2. A Dedicated and Responsible Team

At Autorack, we believe that success comes not only from knowledge and skills but also from passion and love for the job. Our R&D team is more than just researchers; they are individuals committed to delivering the best solutions for our clients. They relentlessly learn, research, and experiment to perfect each product, ensuring they serve our clients’ business objectives efficiently.

3. Practical Research Benefitting the Business

Our goal goes beyond producing quality products. We aim to deliver practical, optimized solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Thanks to the profound research and analytical thinking of our R&D team, coupled with the application of AI, we are confident that every solution and product we offer propels our clients’ businesses further in their developmental journey.

In conclusion, the R&D team of Autorack Vietnam not only represents high expertise and advanced techniques but also embodies responsibility, passion, and dedication. We commit to continuous investment and development to provide the best solutions for our clients.